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June 16th

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BeREAL New Orleans

BeREAL New Orleans, a joint project of Upbring and Louisiana’s Department of Children & Family Services, is a program for Louisiana’s foster youth, ages 13-25, in transition.

BeREAL Support Network

Everyone needs someone on their side – someone who not only challenges them to achieve, but who listens to them. BeREAL New Orleans has made all the difference for these young adults by providing transition coaches and mentors to play important roles in helping foster teens find their paths to hopeful, productive futures with life-changing impact.

  • Transition Coach: Assigned to each youth to assist with creating their education and career plan and provide advice, resources and counseling.
  • Volunteer Mentor: Matched with each youth, offering additional support to help them achieve their goals.
  • Gap Team Volunteers: Provide short-term, specific services such as tutoring.

We are always seeking people who want to make a tangible difference in the lives of the foster youth.

BeREAL New Orleans offers:

  • Advising and counseling about college and career plans.
  • Incentives and scholarships for academic achievement.
  • Weekly book club.
  • Recreational and birthday outings.

For more information about BeREAL New Orleans, call 504-931-3408.

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