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April 21st

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Forging a new path

Texas is a rapidly growing state with abundant opportunities for its residents. Yet families continue to face the stressors of poverty, drug addiction, isolation and other risk factors that can lead to the abuse of children. In 2016, there were 58,664 confirmed victims of child abuse and neglect, and 18,993 children were removed from their homes.

For more than 135 years, Upbring has served children, families and communities in need, providing excellence in program delivery and evolving alongside the needs of those we serve.

As we forge a new path forward, our attention and resources will continue to be focused on developing a New Continuum Framework designed to drive transformative change in breaking the cycle of child abuse through: innovative programs, new partnerships and an expanding network of community services.

We know we can’t do this alone.

As we work with our selected research partners, we realize that simply amassing information is not enough. Through conferences and published papers, Upbring will share this knowledge as part of our ongoing effort to elevate the entire field of abuse prevention.

Please contact Murray Chanow at [email protected] or 512-706-7509 for more information.