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Upbring Health For Friends Clinic – A blessing to the Lubbock community


The United Way Program Review Committee recently visited Upbring Health For Friends Clinic and committed funding for an additional three years.

Health For Friends is a nurse-managed clinic in Lubbock that provides quality services for people who might not be able to otherwise have access to health care because they cannot afford health insurance. Screenings and consultations – including diabetes, high blood pressure, nutrition, cholesterol management and weight control – are offered at no cost to those who qualify.

In 2014, 1,277 individual patients were served during 7,080 nursing contacts through Health For Friends. In addition, the clinic distributed 46 glucometers, 408 boxes of glucose strips and 154 prescriptions.

As we begin writing the next chapter in our agency’s 134-year-old history, Upbring, the new Lutheran Social Services of the South, steps forward with renewed focus and vigor on reducing recidivism in child abuse and improving long-term outcomes for all Texas children. Our mission – to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families and communities.

Upon examining the key markers for breaking the cycle of child abuse — education, health, life skills, safety and vocation — Upbring found that numerous studies rank Texas among the lowest states on relevant measures of well-being, such as children living in poverty, percent of the population living with food insecurity, the teenage birth rate and the rate of uninsured for health care.

“Upbring is investing in this effort by looking to create opportunities to expand services for our community programs in Lubbock County that will positively impact families in new ways over time,” said Joy Loper, Upbring Program Director Neighborhood House and Health For Friends Clinic.

Janis Putteet, Vice President/Community Impact Director of Lubbock Area United Way, values the Health For Friend Clinic partnership and appreciates the services they provide to the local community. “Health For Friends has a great history of helping local citizens learn about diabetes and how to manage it better,” said Putteet. “Joy and staff have a long tenure with great dedication and exceptional nurse commitment – client impact is huge and the clinic continues to be a great service the Lubbock community needs.”

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