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Music to Our Ears


[story by Rebekah Poling, Upbring Philanthropic Advisor]

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) has a program called “Beethoven’s Buddies” where they donate symphony tickets to nonprofits like Upbring Foster In Texas. On several different occasions this year, DFW’s FIT office has enthusiastically accepted tickets to performances. The FWSO program makes music accessible to everyone, giving our foster kids a truly unique experience.

One foster parent took her family to a symphony concert in the park, that was followed by fireworks, and sent us a couple of photos. “My family truly enjoyed spending time together listening to the concert in the park and watching the fireworks,” says the foster mom. “We brought along a picnic and made a real outing of it.” It was also her foster son’s first time to see fireworks. “This is a picture of him looking up at them. What you can’t see, is that he was laughing the entire time!”

It’s pretty cool when our foster kids – some of whom lived in cars and abandoned warehouses – are given a chance to go to the symphony!

Become a Foster Parent
Foster parents have the unique opportunity to give a child a second chance at childhood, helping them to heal and move on from the circumstances that brought them to foster care. When you foster through Upbring Foster In Texas, you are joining a team of people helping children succeed. While the child will be in your care, you will not be alone in raising that child. Our highly regarded team of knowledgeable, effective caseworkers will help you every step of the way.  Join us.

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