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FAQs – Upbring Foster In Texas


People who are considering becoming foster parents always have a multitude of questions – because there is a lot to think about before opening up your heart and home to a foster child. Below are just a few of the questions we are often asked by potential foster parents and others who would like to know more about foster children and what it takes to become involved as an Upbring Foster In Texas family.

Erica Sheets, Regional Intake Recruiter in our Richardson office, compiled these Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Do foster kids really arrive with nothing? Doesn’t that get really expensive for Upbring Foster In Texas?

Frequently, foster kids arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Thanks to the generosity of the Beaumont Foundation of America, Upbring is the recipient of a $518,400 grant that will be used solely to purchase new clothing for children – up to $150 each – in Upbring’s foster care and residential treatment programs.

  1. Seriously, everyone needs a background check?

Seriously, everyone. If a person over the age of 14 is going to be alone with a foster child, they have to pass a background check. Because our foster kids have been through so much, we want them to be as safe as possible while they’re in our homes.

One of the key session outcomes from the 84th Texas legislative session – that we believe has the greatest positive impact on those we serve – is SB1407 Normalcy.

This signature enactment makes a fundamental change in the foster care system that will allow foster parents to act as parents and provide the children and youth in their care the opportunity for normal socialization activities enjoyed by most children growing up. This is achieved by establishing a “reasonable and prudent parent” standard that allows foster parents to make determinations as to age and developmentally appropriate activities with protection from liability so long as their decisions are within that standard. This will help promote the protective health factor of psychological well-being in these young people’s lives and will be incorporated into Upbring training and practices in the months ahead.

SB1407 will take effect on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015.

  1. I don’t think I could handle the heartbreak of saying goodbye.

It’s always hard to say goodbye. But with every new placement, comes the opportunity to love, care and nurture a child who needs it most. This is one reason Upbring Foster In Texas offers monthly support groups so families can connect and support each other.

  1. Why can’t I Instagram my kiddos? They have the most adorable moments.

This is just another instance where protecting the foster children in our care is a top priority for Foster In Texas – we want to ensure their safety as much as possible. That being said, bragging on your kids via verbal praise is highly encouraged – they might just conquer the world one day!

  1. There are just too many rules, we’re a family.

It’s true, there are a lot of rules that families must follow. But each and every one exists for a specific reason, and is the result of the State of Texas and Upbring working as a team to improve the well-being of and long-term prospects for children, youth across our great state.

  1. If I choose not to foster to adopt – am I still making a difference for the foster kid(s) in my care?

YES! Every moment you’re providing shelter, safety, stability and love to a foster child in your care, is helping them to gain self-esteem and understand the true meaning of “family.”

  1. I’m not sure if fostering is right for me. How can I learn more about Upbring Foster In Texas?

Foster parents have the unique opportunity to give a child a second chance at childhood, helping them to heal and move on from the circumstances that brought them to foster care.

When you foster through Upbring Foster In Texas, you’re joining a team of people helping children succeed. While the child will be in your care, you will not be alone in raising that child. Our highly regarded team of knowledgeable, effective caseworkers will help you every step of the way. Additional questions are answered on our website FAQs.

Join us.

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