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Meet one San Antonio family that is improving the odds for young Texans


Upbring Foster In Texas (FIT) is the largest provider of foster care and adoption services in Texas. The program staff is engaged in addressing the immediate need for more families willing and able to help foster infants, teens, siblings and children with special needs.

Meet the Galvans from San Antonio—David and Jo Ann – who became foster parents when their daughter left for college in 2008 after hearing about the immediate need for more families to provide safe, loving homes. They’ve since fostered more than 35 children—up to four girls at a time—providing structure and positive reinforcement to help these children feel nurtured.

David and Jo Ann have turned their home into a place where many children, who previously were staring at a rough road ahead, were able to turn their lives around – finding the comfort and lessons they needed to move forward in life. The very best outcome in foster care is when a child can return home to their biological families, or in some cases, have the unique opportunity to get a second chance at their childhood and be adopted by their foster families. Thanks to the dedication of the Galvans, many of the children they’ve fostered have experienced the joy of returning home or moving on from a life that lead them into foster care in the first place.

The Galvans have also enjoyed having the teenagers, who’ve aged out of foster care, keep in touch with them via phone calls, email and social media. A strong bond was forged that has not diminished with age.

Upbring is privileged to work with many families throughout Texas like the Galvans. If we intend to fundamentally improve the foster care system, we need more families like theirs, as well as greater participation from every sector of our community. We’re calling on you to help us improve the odds for young Texans in need. Join us.

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