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Humana House: One Year Later


Upbring is excited to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Humana House at Upbring New Life Children’s Center in Canyon Lake. Since the ribbon-cutting on August 19, 2014, 41 families have stayed at Humana House – with 10 of those families residing overnight more than once. Humana House is a multi-purposed residential building where families of the girls can stay for longer visits – allowing them more time to participate in their child’s treatment, thus improving the chances of success and future reunification.

Many families, due to geographical or financial restrictions, don’t have the means to stay for longer visits and Humana House helps bridge this gap. One resident, whose family stayed at Humana House, said, “The Humana House was beautiful. I was happy that we were able to eat meals together there and my parents were so relieved they didn’t have to go through the trouble of finding a hotel room – it was a beautiful blessing. I‘m sure there will be plenty of families waiting to enjoy a peaceful night with their kids.

New Life therapists have reported that many residents whose families, relatives or caregivers have stayed at Humana House were noticeably calmer during and after the visits, which leads to progress in therapy and other treatment areas. The therapists also noticed that having family members physically present for therapy often leads to more effective communication among all family members.

Since Humana House opened, 10 families have been reunified. Residents who have stayed with their families at Humana House also said they felt increased confidence and less anxiety regarding their transition to “life after New Life.”  These girls also noted that being with their families at Humana House gave them a chance to engage in the routines and daily activities of family life, making it much easier to envision potential reunification.

Humana House was made a reality by the Humana Foundation’s Humana Communities Benefit Grant, Martin Instrument, Kronkosky Charitable Foundation, McKenna Foundation and generous donors and friends of Upbring New Life Children’s Center.

About Upbring New Life Children’s Center

New Life is a residential treatment center for severely troubled girls ages 11-17 that provides holistic treatment for disorders caused by abuse and neglect. Children arrive at New Life with serious emotional and behavioral problems stemming from past trauma. Beyond the basic needs of shelter, clothing, and food, New Life gives them a safe place to heal, with personalized therapy and on-campus education.

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