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Building Families through Adoption at Upbring, the new Lutheran Social Services

Building Families through Adoption at Upbring, the new Lutheran Social Services 0

Building Families through Adoption at Upbring, the new Lutheran Social Services

Since mid-May, Upbring Adoption has facilitated three adoptive placements of infants and has had 10 referrals – it’s a beautiful experience to witness, support and facilitate building an extended family through adoption. The birth parents have all differed from each other in age, ethnicity and circumstances, but the one thing they share in common, is peace over their decision to place their child with an adoptive family. You see, they did not lose or give their child away, they placed the child with a family who they could select, meet and have a lifetime of contact with through open adoption – if they chose to do so.

Birth parents are always in control when deciding to place their child, in fact, some have changed their minds after giving birth. No matter what the final decision is, Upbring Adoption offers counseling to birth parents to help them in choosing what is best for them and their family.

Several families have created private Facebook pages so the birth parents can see pictures of their child and celebrate milestones, while others have chosen to write letters or partake in visits. Regardless of the arrangements made, they are all confident in knowing their child is doing well.

Please enjoy the pictures of our new extended families!

Meet the Families

Blanca, Lisa, Morgan and Manuel with baby Cooper

Meet Lisa (birth mom), Morgan (birth father), Blanca, Manuel and baby Cooper.

Lisa says, “I feel that adoption was the best decision I have made because my baby is healthy, very loved and well cared for. I am certain that he will live a much better and happier life.”

Amy, Ronnie and Steve with bay Alex

Meet Ronnie (birth father), Steve, Amy and baby Alex.

At first, Danielle (birth mom), didn’t want to meet the adoptive parents; she has since decided to meet them.

This is what Danielle and Ronnie had to say: “Sometimes adoption is the best option for everyone involved. It is the best feeling in the world knowing that we have done such a good thing and that we brought happiness to other people. If we could go back, we still would not change what we did because we know that our son is a blessing who is meant to bless someone else. We are planning a visit in the coming weeks with the entire family.”

Bridget and baby Olivia

Meet Bridget (birth mom) and baby Olivia

Bridget said, “Upbring was my guardian angel at the time I needed someone most.” Bridget chose adoption because “the babies get the family that they deserve.”

Baby Olivia with her adoptive parents.

Meet Olivia’s adoptive parents, Mary and Kevin 

Texas is a rapidly growing state with abundant opportunities for its residents. But, at the same time, families must deal with the troubles and tensions that families face even in good times.In 2014, 10,647 children under age one, and 15,119 under age three, were confirmed victims of abuse and neglect.Despite all of our good work, we remain haunted by the fact that so many children continue to suffer abuse or neglect. The inability to cope with the stress of too much or too little work, poverty, drug or alcohol abuse, marital conflict, isolation and other issues in many instances leads to abuse of children – the most vulnerable members of a household and of our communities.

Upbring Adoption

Upbring Adoption and Upbring International Adoption have served children, families and communities since 1881 and have provided adoption guidance, specifically to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, since 1944. Through the placement of more than 8,000 children into loving, forever homes, Upbring Adoption and Upbring International Adoption are experts in offering long-term support and dependability to their birth parents and adoptive families. Learn more.

To contact Upbring Adoption, please call 512-781-4275 or email us at [email protected].

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