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One Voice Central Texas – A Partner in Community

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In addition to the strategic alliance partnerships forged to accomplish our mission – to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families and communities – Upbring is a partner in the broader community of Central Texas health and human service nonprofits.

At the heart of this community, One Voice Central Texas (One Voice) represents 85 nonprofits comprising a critical support network for children and the elderly, opportunity youth, the hungry and the homeless, persons with disabilities, those who are illiterate, those who are immigrants and victims of violence.

The mission of One Voice is to make the health and human service needs in Central Texas clear to policy makers and the general public, while supporting member organizations in meeting those needs.

“One Voice would not exist without strong involvement and partnership from key leaders in the social service sector,” said One Voice Chair Tod Marvin. “With partners like Upbring, we’re able to raise awareness of issues effecting people in need across Central Texas, while bringing greater visibility to the organizations prepared to help them.”

Tale of Two Austins

In early September, One Voice launched its third Tale of Two Austins campaign, which calls out economic disparity in and around Austin. Previous campaigns highlighted other critical points of disparity in Central Texas, such as mental health and affordability.

Growth vs. opportunity

Over the past several years, Austin’s growth–in terms of both population and economy–has been obvious to those of us living here. Simultaneously, the city’s economic growth and job market have been touted in national publications like Forbes and The Business Journals.

A significant portion of the local population, however, has been unable to benefit from the influx of new growth and opportunity. For instance, Forbes identifies Austin as the second-best U.S. city for future job growth; yet, a 2015 study by Raj Chetty and Nathaniel Hendren shows that Travis County ranks worse than 87 percent of other counties in the U.S. for income mobility. Further, half the jobs created in the Austin area from 2009 to 2013 failed to pay living wages for a family.

Want to change to the story?

Such disparity of economic opportunity boldly underlines the importance of One Voice’s member organizations as a support network for those unable to access opportunity in Austin and across Central Texas.

By supporting Upbring and other One Voice member organizations, you can help change the story. Whether you’d like to pledge your financial support or give your time to volunteer efforts, when it comes to helping those in need in Central Texas, opportunity abounds!

Partners in community

As a member organization of One Voice, Upbring serves on both the executive and communications committees. We are also active in promoting the Tale of Two Austins campaign in this space as well as on social media.

Recently, Upbring hosted a meeting at our corporate headquarters of the One Voice Strategic Excellence Committee, the first session of a three-part series to provide leadership training to this group of member leaders. Learn more about One Voice and how to get involved.

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