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Carriages for a Cause: Vicky’s Kids in West Odessa

Vicky Thorp with Phyllis Christensen, RN, Upbring Foster Care PMN Director

Vicky Thorp with Phyllis Christensen, RN, Upbring Foster Care PMN Director

For the past six years, Vicky Thorp, an Upbring Foster In Texas parent in the Midland area, has provided a home for Primary Medical Needs (PMN) children. “Vicky’s Kids” is a nonprofit home for kids under the state’s care who suffered severe brain damage as babies and never recovered – ages range from infants (under one year) to 15 years old.

Vicky, and a dedicated team of nurses, offer round-the-clock attention so these children have the best standard of living and personalized care possible. They are all bed-ridden and many survive by life support or other medical equipment. Their injuries vary and not all are the result of parental neglect; some never recovered from being shaken or nearly drowning when they were just weeks or months old. Over the years, Vicky adopted five of the children in her care and has guardianship over two who “aged out” of state care at 18.

With all the medical equipment at her home, Vickie’s electricity bill alone runs between $1,000 and $1,700 per month. Although the organization is funded by state agencies, often the funding runs short of what is needed.

Vicky founded “Vicky’s Carriages” – a nonprofit organization – to help with bills and needs for the home by providing fun and safe carriage rides for special occasions. The carriages are hired out for birthdays, weddings and company parties – lending a unique form of entertainment while helping a nonprofit organization give life-changing care to those who need it most. It’s a win-win for everyone – helping Vicky’s Kids while having fun!

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