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From Bulgaria with Love: Rally & Danny


Rally, age 11, and Danny, age 9 ½, are a sister and brother currently living in a Bulgarian foster home. They are more than ready to have permanency in their lives after a heartbreaking history of abandonment and disappointment.

When they were still living with their biological family, Rally and Danny were often neglected and left unsupervised – often caring neighbors and individuals in the community took care of them when their mom was absent. In 2014, Rally and Danny’s mom dropped them off at their maternal grandparents and said she would return later that day to get them. She never returned. The elderly grandparents were not capable of parenting two young children, and after a month, called Social Services and placed Rally and Danny in foster care.

Their foster family, although loving, is very uneducated and unable to assist the children with their school work. Neither child can read and both struggle academically; their delays are likely related to the deprivation and neglect they’ve experienced most of their lives.


Rally, who had birthday in January, is not lacking in ability and competence, but feels insecure and has low self-esteem. According to the school psychologist who did her assessment, this is the result “of lack of parental love, attention, acceptance and trust. Rally is looking for affection and approval of her foster parents.”  She is a sensitive girl who likes to create imaginary stories. She often feels rejected and can be argumentative at times.

Danny, for the same reason as his sister, also lacks positive self-esteem. He communicates well verbally, but struggles in school and seems to lack the motivation and desire for self-improvement.  He loves physical activities and concentrates for a long time when an activity is interesting to him.

As the only constants in each other’s lives, this sibling pair will be adopted together, and Upbring International Adoption would love nothing better than to facilitate their adoption!

If you are interested in learning more about Rally and Danny, or adoption from Bulgaria, please email Konnie Gregg ([email protected]) or Erin Patterson ([email protected]) or call 512-454-4611. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our services and these amazing kids!

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