Giving Tuesday

May 21st

#GivingTuesday is Tuesday, November 28. Find out more about this 24-hour, special opportunity to make 2X impact, click here.

May is National Foster Care Month


National Foster Care month – initially designated by President Reagan in 1988 – raises awareness about foster care and encourages individuals and families to work together in their communities to improve the lives of abused and neglected Texas children that need loving, forever homes. Children enter the system at different stages of their lives and due to varying life events – we are committed to addressing the entire spectrum.

Thank You

At Foster in Texas (FIT), we take time to slow down and appreciate what we have: extraordinary families. You are doing things every day that most families never dream of. You’re loving children in radical ways. You’re opening up your homes to provide sanctuary in a time of turmoil. You’re extending daily grace to the children who need it most. When others leave, you stay. When others harm, you heal. When others say “never”, you say “always”. Foster parents are heroes.

We can never thank you enough, or show just how much we appreciate you, but we can provide as much support to you and your family as possible.

Foster Today

FIT is the largest provider of foster care and adoption services in Texas. The program staff is engaged in addressing the imme­diate need for more families willing and able to help foster infants, teens, siblings and children with special needs. All of the foster parents are required to undertake extensive training and background checks before children are placed in their homes. Contact one of our local 14 offices today.

You have the power to lift every single child up. Foster Today.

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