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The Gift of Hope | Upbring

Gift of Hope 1

This Christmas season at Upbring we’re sharing some of our favorite gifts — the kind that continue to be a blessing long after they’ve been received. From the gifts of home and comfort to health and education, we’ll share inspiring stories as our way of saying thank you to all of you who so faithfully and generously made these gifts possible.


Hope is a star twinkling in the darkest moments before dawn. It’s the sun breaking in the horizon, ushering in a new day and endless possibilities. Hope is an outstretched hand reaching through the darkness to offer relief.

If hope were an object, it would be a key. It unlocks wonder, opens the mind to optimism, and symbolizes change. For one young woman, hope led to the opening of a literal door, too! A door to a new, fully-furnished apartment for her and her young child.

With one less concern on her plate, she can finally focus on her education and starting a career path that will support them for years to come.

This is Melissa’s story.

When Melissa was two years old her parents died and she entered the foster care system. Now 19 years old with a two-year-old daughter of her own, Melissa knows what it’s like to feel lost and unwanted, wondering where she might finally have a place of her own to call “home” — and she dreams of a different, more secure future for her daughter.

Melissa applied and was accepted to the Upbring BeREAL program where she has learned crucial life skills, such as budgeting, household maintenance, and time-management — all in a safe, supportive environment for her daughter.

Now Melissa is determined to go after two more significant life goals: graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and owning a home through Habitat for Humanity.  Melissa is creating a new beginning for her family!


We hope you’re inspired by Melissa’s story as much as we are. Please consider making a year-end gift now to support more individuals like Melissa. Your donation to Upbring will be a gift of hope this Christmas season and into the New Year.

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