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The Gift of Health | Upbring

The Gift of Health 0

This Christmas season at Upbring we’re sharing some of our favorite gifts — the kind that continue to be a blessing long after they’ve been received. From the gifts of home and comfort to health and education, we’ll share inspiring stories as our way of saying thank you to all of you who so faithfully and generously made these gifts possible.


There are few gifts that have the lasting impact of good emotional, mental, and physical health. With the right mindset and a grateful heart, it is amazing what can be accomplished. Sarah’s story exemplifies the courage and resilience that come from the hard work of creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Sarah’s first thoughts in the morning are “What can I accomplish today?”

At night, before bed, she reflects on her progress and looks forward to approaching the next day with that same enthusiasm. It is this mentality that has carried her through unbelievably trying times and painful experiences that would bring most adults to their knees. But through it all, Sarah remains grateful.

“I’m just thankful for the oxygen in my lungs and my heart beating. I’m thankful I’m alive.”

Having escaped dangerous circumstances which threatened her health and safety, Sarah has used her stay at New Life Children’s Center to better herself. She has learned to channel her emotions into beautiful poetry, which she is eager to share with others.

While Sarah was tentative at first and rejected any help, she feels happier with every bit of progress she makes in her treatment. Her therapist has had such a profound effect on her that Sarah wants to become a counselor one day at a center just like New Life.

“If I could give another girls advice, it would be that everything requires work. You will leave so much happier if you just push harder.”

Please consider making a year-end gift now to support more girls like Sarah. Your donation to Upbring will be a gift of health this Christmas season and into the New Year.

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