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The Gift of Wonder | Upbring

The Gift of Wonder 0

This Christmas season at Upbring we’re sharing some of our favorite gifts — the kind that continue to be a blessing long after they’ve been received. From the gifts of home and comfort to health and education, we’ll share inspiring stories as our way of saying thank you to all of you who so faithfully and generously made these gifts possible.


So many things about the holiday season inspire awe and wonder. The soul-stirring voices of a church choir, angelic and reverent. The jingling of bells and the spirit of giving that hums in the air.

This is the story of four siblings who had never experienced the magic of Christmas — until one Texas couple took them in and gave them a Christmas they will never forget.

Meet the Elliots.

In the summer of 2015, three brothers and their sister (ages 8 to 17) were welcomed into the home of Marcie and Wayne Elliot. Before Upbring’s Foster In Texas program, these siblings were virtually unseen by their parents. Little, if any, effort went into providing education, healthy meals, medical care, and clean clothing for these four kids.

With the Elliots, the siblings were given the gift of a fresh start. And, just a few months later, the Elliots would give the children something they never before experienced: the joy of experiencing Christmas.

The children woke up on Christmas morning in the Elliot home, full of excitement, disbelief, and pure innocence as they discovered a beautifully decorated Christmas tree surrounded by presents.

The oldest brother had waited nearly two decades to experience something so many of us take for granted – a Christmas tree with twinkling lights, beautiful ornaments, and personalized gifts wrapped with care.

Gifts of educational activities (presents that most children might toss aside to focus on a shiny toy) were favored by the siblings who recognized the gift of a future and an opportunity to catch up to their peers. The Elliots’ personal shopping, combined with the gifts offered through Upbring, created a Christmas morning full of wonder!


Please consider making a year-end gift now to support foster families like the Elliots. Your donation to Upbring will be the gift of wonder to kids who need it most this Christmas season and into the New Year.

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