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The Gift of Comfort | Upbring

The Gift of Comfort 1

This Christmas season at Upbring we’re sharing some of our favorite gifts — the kind that continue to be a blessing long after they’ve been received. From the gifts of home and comfort to health and education, we’ll share inspiring stories as our way of saying thank you to all of you who so faithfully and generously made these gifts possible.


It’s often the simple things that bring the greatest comfort, like your favorite winter pajamas, or the sweet smell of warm cookies baking in the oven. Sharing those moments with people who care bring true joy to the season, but spending Christmas away from our loved ones can be hard.  One special group of women has made it their mission to offer comfort in those moments.

Move over, Santa’s elves — Grandma’s Stocking Guild is here! Founded seven years ago by Suzi Casey, these hard-working ladies decorate and stuff stockings for children in foster care.

The guild brings comfort to countless children every year, but it began as a way for Suzi to comfort herself in the midst of grief. Having lost both her husband and her son in close succession, Suzi realized she needed to keep busy in order to heal. So she started making stockings.

 “The need here was more than I could produce alone, so I called and emailed every single person I had ever met in my life,” Suzi laughs. “Sorority sisters, church members, family friends! They all showed up to help.”

Her emotional journey inspired what is now a local movement.

In 2009, Grandma’s Stocking Guild made and gave out 61 stockings. This year, Upbring was lucky enough to visit with the group and see their work firsthand. With multiple churches working together, 334 stockings were stuffed in the span of one hour!

“It’s amazing to see what God has done with this,” Suzi says. “It feels like a miracle.”



Please consider making a year-end gift now to help children like those served by Grandma’s Stocking Guild. Your donation to Upbring will be the gift of comfort to kids who need it most this Christmas season and into the New Year.

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