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Welcome to the Eaglet, the Preschool Newsletter of Upbring School for Arts & Sciences


As we launch our first school year, we are brimming with the excitement that comes with welcoming new teachers, children and parents into the Upbring family.

Our theme verse for the year is from Revelation 21:5 – “Look! I am making everything new.”

This couldn’t be truer at Upbring, where the excitement of new things abounds.

Most of all, we are excited about molding young people’s futures in ways that will enhance their curiosity about their surroundings, increase their love of education, and make them into self-reliant learners and excellent observers.

Just like newly hatched eagles, as infants, our students were in their first stage of life. They spent a lot of time watching adult behavior, which helped them make decisions about their world.

In this next stage as preschoolers, they are building skills through trial and error.

Eaglets learn flying, diving and hunting skills by trying and failing, and then evolving their technique until they succeed.

In the same way, we encourage our students at Upbring School for Arts & Sciences to master new skills through hands-on experimentation and trial and error. So much learning happens when children make mistakes in a safe and encouraging environment where instructors ask questions to ensure positive outcomes that lead to success.

And, just like eagles, we want our families to soar. That’s why we put the best into our preschool classes, where children use their five senses and move, explore and observe their surroundings.

Each classroom offers endless opportunities for children to express themselves, and our teachers cannot wait to get started.

Look here, and look there! So many new things for us all to share.

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