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Kathryn Dreams Big for Her Family | Upbring

Upbring BeREAL is a supervised independent living program serving young adults aging out of foster care 1

Kathryn wanted to give her two children the safe, loving home she never had. But without a support system, she felt lost, scared and on her own.

So, she applied to Upbring BeREAL, a supervised independent living program serving Central Texas young adults aging out of foster care.

With her BeREAL caseworker’s support, Kathryn earned her GED, passed her driving test and bought a vehicle. She also connected with job skills training and free parenting classes to help her be the loving, nurturing mother she longed for as a child.

Now, Kathryn has big dreams for her family’s future. She wants to earn her associate’s in medical administration. Then, she plans to study social work so she can help children in foster care pursue their own dreams.

Why supervised independent living programs?

In our society, a person is considered an adult at 18. But how many of us were ready to live independently at that age?

Fortunately, our families were quick to help with career advice, hand-me-down furniture, a bag of groceries, and even the occasional rent check.

Many young adults who age out of foster care do not have a support system. After age 18, 1 in 5 become homeless. And only half are employed at age 24, according to our friends at the Texas Network of Youth Services.

Supervised independent living programs like BeREAL walk alongside these brave young men and women.

With our strategic partners’ support, Upbring connects them with educational opportunities, vocational training, job placement assistance and life skills development opportunities.

Together, we meet the full spectrum of each young person’s needs and help them grow into independent, successful adults.

Want to mentor a young adult?

Servant-hearted people across Central Texas lend their time, talent and life experiences toward helping BeREAL participants grow into successful adults.

From offering career advice to helping them manage their finances, mentors help our young people develop important life skills and, just as importantly, build permanent connects to caring adults.

Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities with BeREAL and our other programs.



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