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7 Adoption Stories You Need to Know About This Week


Earlier this week, we were inspired on Upbring’s Facebook Page by the moving story of the Manis family.

In case you missed it, the Manis adoption story will warm your heart! Click here to watch it (VIDEO).

This week we’re bringing you seven more inspiring, informative, and remarkable adoption stories, from Texas and around the country. If domestic or international adoption is something you’re interested in learning more about, we would love to connect with you! Learn more about our adoption services and programs.

7 Adoption Stories You Need to Know About This Week:

  1. Blogger and public speaker Mike Berry shares 4 unexpected ways adoption has made him a better person: FULL STORY 
  2. Curious what the adoption tax credit is and what the potential changes mean to families? FULL STORY
  3. Christian speaker and author Lisa Harper shares the remarkable story of adopting her daughter, Missy, from Haiti with the Today Show: FULL STORY
  4. Adoptive parents from Corpus Christi share their beautiful story: FULL STORY
  5. A Ferris, Texas family shares how their adoption story led to a legacy of opening hearts and homes to children: FULL STORY
  6. Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth Chapman are adoption advocates who offer their perspective on the adoption tax credit: FULL STORY
  7. This week we’re celebrating 44 children who were officially adopted into forever homes in Austin! FULL STORY

If you have an Upbring adoption story, foster care story, or early childhood education story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you! Contact [email protected].

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