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March 21st

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You Don’t Know Me, But You Saved My Life


For many of the other girls we serve at Krause Children’s Center, home is a place where they are invisible, unwanted and fearful for their safety.

They are girls like Emily*, who spent years hiding the abuse she suffered at the hands of adults who should have loved and cherished her.

Each year, Krause provides a warm, nurturing home where approximately 300 brave girls are surrounded by compassionate adults who make them feel welcomed, accepted, loved and treasured.

Emily recently sent a personalized Christmas card to the generous donors who supported her on her courageous healing journey at Krause. With the holidays upon us, we are honored to share her heart-warming message with you.

Dear Friend of Upbring

You don’t know me, but by doing one small thing, you saved my life. That one small thing was supporting Upbring.

Upbring was my last chance to deal with the abuse I had suffered all my life, so I could start believing in myself and making more positive choices. I used to fight everyone that tried to help me, and I got kicked out of several foster homes and programs. But Upbring made all the difference, and I am finally doing better.

This Christmas, please know that the best gift I have been given is hope for a happy future. You made it possible with your donations to Upbring, and I thank you for everything.

Merry Christmas,


Celebrate Krause’s heart-healing power

Saved My Life - Healing Hearts Houston 2018Emily’s personalized Christmas card is just one of hundreds of powerful, inspirational stories we are blessed to play a role in each year.

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, Upbring will celebrate Krause’s heart-healing power during a fundraising event aptly named Healing Hearts Gala 2018, and we would love for you to join us.

We’ll spend the evening laughing with friends and dancing until our feet ache, all while making an impact in the lives of the girls who call Krause Children’s Center home.

*Emily’s story is true, but we used a pseudonym and stock photo to protect her identity.

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