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Faith Carries Family Through Beautiful Adoption Journey & Captures Attention of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick | Upbring

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick invited the Klines to a special celebration of foster families at the Capitol in Austin. 2

Newlyweds Paul and Kristen Kline had a plan for their future. They would have biological children first, and then explore adoption later. But in Kristen’s words, what she and Paul put on the back burner, God moved to the front burner.

“It was Mother’s Day when we found out we couldn’t conceive,” Kristen said. “It seemed like everyone in our lives was expecting babies. We wanted to be parents so badly, and we had so much love to give. We didn’t know why this was happening to us.”

Kristen says it was hard not to question God during that painful period in her life. Still, she and Paul opened their hearts to adoption, and they were blessed to welcome Sophie Jo into their family in 2013.

“I Was Never Meant to be Her Mother”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick invited the Klines to a holiday celebration of families forged by adoption at the state Capitol.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (third from left) invited the Klines to a holiday celebration of families forged by adoption at the state Capitol. Also pictured are DFPS Commissioner Hank Whitman and Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman.

The Klines had plenty of time to bond with Sophie Jo’s birth mother, Kate, in the hospital. The three parents read to their baby, took photos and shared her first bath. In the midst of the excitement, Kristen will always remember something Kate said to her.

“She told me she was never meant to be Sophie Jo’s mother. God had her carry her baby so Paul and I could be her parents,” Kristen said.

Those first few weeks as a new family, Paul and Kristen caught themselves watching Sophie Jo sleep and loving on her when she woke. Her cries were not an intrusion on their own rest, but a comforting reminder of God’s love.

Sophie Jo, the Animal Whisperer

Four years later, Sophie Jo has grown into a spunky, determined 4-year-old who knows what she wants. Case in point: If you call her Sophie and leave off Jo, she won’t hesitate to correct you!

Sophie Jo is also the proud big sister of baby Lydia, who Paul and Kristen recently adopted. The family of four lives on a farm with donkeys, sheep, dogs, cats and chickens.

Kristen calls Sophie Jo “the animal whisperer” because she loves all her furry friends. But like her mother, she has a special bond with the horses.

Sharing God’s Truth

Paul and Kristen want their children to live bright futures, just like any other parent does. They will encourage Sophie Jo and Lydia to pursue their dreams while remembering that God is in control of their lives.

“We want the girls to know they are beautiful in God’s eyes, and they need to be grounded in Him, not in the world,” Kristen said. “He has a plan for them that is more beautiful than anything they can imagine.”

The Kline’s beautiful adoption journey will serve as a precious reminder of that Truth for the rest of their lives.

Will You Answer the Call?

Approximately 30,000 Texas children are in foster care on any given day. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is calling on the faith community to lead the way in motivating families across the state to open their homes and hearts to children in need.

As a faith-based nonprofit working to break the cycle of child abuse, Upbring is honored to answer the Lt. Governor’s call. Will you join us?

Foster care and adoption are beautiful ways to grow your family and make a child feel loved, wanted and treasured.

If you want to welcome a child into your home and heart:  Contact Upbring!

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