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Quiet Little Boy from Bulgaria Needs a Home

andrew2 Five-year-old Andrew (not his real name and picture) is a little guy who was placed in the orphanage shortly after his birth on January 23, 2006. It’s a bit of a mystery at this point, but Andrew does not speak. His hearing and vision are just fine, and he’s a “happy, calm, smiling, positive” little boy who interacts with both children and adults, enjoys music, and clearly has “favorites” among the staff.

Andrew’s self-help skills are quite good – he gets dressed and undressed by himself, and folds and puts away his clothes and toys. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body.

Andrew is able to recognize and label familiar objects, body parts, toys, birds, and animals. He is receiving speech and language therapy. Sometimes, he attempts to sing, using part of the words in a song.

We are looking for a family with the patience and motivation to work with Andrew and help him along the way to reaching his fullest potential. Are you a member of that special family?

We would like the opportunity to tell you more about Andrew, and share his picture and video with interested families. Email [email protected] or call 800-396-4611to find out all about the twins, and the other available, waiting Bulgarian children. Learn more about international adoption at

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