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Meet Our Mother’s Day Twins

Sylvia & StefanMother’s Day is coming soon, which seems like the perfect time to introduce Stefan and Sylvia (not their real names and photo), the six-year-old Bulgarian twins who are anxiously waiting for a mother and a permanent family of their own.

Stefan and Sylvia were born January 19, 2005, in the town of Kjustendil, and placed in the orphanage four months later. Stefan is described as bright, verbal, and engaging. He is very social and actively participates in all class activities. When any of the other children are distressed and crying, Stefan tries to calm them, offering physical and verbal support. His intellectual abilities are described as “in the upper limits of the norm” and he shows no signs of the intellectual delays usually seen in children who’ve been institutionalized for many years.

Stefan was born with congenital hypoplasia of the left leg, which hampers his mobility significantly. He uses his left leg only to balance when standing and is able to get around better by crawling fast than trying to walk independently. His fine motor skills are very well developed.

Stefan’s sister Sylvia shows very good physical development yet she has developmental delays and her social communication skills are “below the norm.” She listens and tries to imitate and pronounce words, but has a hard time expressing herself. There is no doubt that she would benefit tremendously from a family environment, one where she would have more exposure to cognitive stimulation, toys, and one-on-one activities.

We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Stefan and Sylvia, and share their pictures and video with interested families. The twins will be placed together. Email [email protected] or call 800-396-4611to find out all about the twins, and the other available, waiting Bulgarian children. Learn more about international adoption at

Note: The Bulgarian children we have been featuring have special needs and are available for immediate adoption. The entire adoption process could take less than 12 months. Many healthy children, ages two and over, are also awaiting homes and families in the United States, but the process and the wait is longer.

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