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National Child Abuse Prevention Month: How You Can Get Involved Throughout The Year


While National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a great step toward creating awareness for abuse and neglect prevention, many more steps can be taken to ensure that all children are safe, loved and cherished. Here are five ways you can get involved, with resources included, so you can show your support year-round.


1. Spread the word

Change occurs when we raise awareness that change is needed. By bringing attention to situations of abuse and neglect and informing others of the harm it causes, we can display the need for change. Help raise public awareness in your community by posting a tip sheet on a public bulletin board or by sharing a message on your personal social media account.


2. Learn the signs

In order to help others, you must first learn the signs of abuse and neglect. Knowing the signs makes it possible for you to share the information with others and recognize situations of abuse in your community. If you suspect that a child is being abused, use the information you’ve learned to help make an informed decision about when to contact local authorities. By speaking up, you can make a difference in the lives of children who would otherwise have no one on their side.


3. Donate

One great way to get involved and show your support is by making a financial or in-kind contribution to an organization that serves children. Nonprofit organizations, like Upbring, use your donations to serve children who have been affected by abuse or neglect by placing them in loving foster homes, finding them forever homes through adoption or providing them with access to facilities where they can go to escape abuse and begin the healing process. Choose which program you want your gift to support by using our online donation form or by selecting an item through the Upbring Marketplace. Both options are 100% tax deductible.


4. Volunteer

Donating your time is another important way that you can support children who have suffered from abuse. Find a local organization where you can get involved and make a difference in the lives of those who need extra love and care. Your willingness to share your hobbies, talents and encouragement with children can make a tremendous impact on their lives. Upbring has many different opportunities to volunteer like mentoring, hosting group activities, academic tutoring and community garden maintenance.


5. Spend time together

Spending extra time with your children strengthens your family and promotes child and family well-being, which is one of the most important ways to counter the cycle of abuse. Taking time out of your day to focus fully on your child shows them that they are important to you. Create opportunities to spend more time together. For example, turn Friday nights into a family movie night; order pizza, rent a movie and build a blanket fort that you can all crawl in to watch together. Encourage other families to do the same by sharing your ideas with friends or even hosting a family game night.


With the help of the resources mentioned above and the Child Welfare Information Gateway’s 2019 Prevention Resource Guide, you can learn more about the best prevention practices. The more we talk about the reality of abuse and neglect and study the resources available to us, the more we will learn. Being informed will help us better recognize the signs so we can change the lives of those suffering around us. At Upbring, we strive to make sure that every child knows they are loved and important. By choosing to get involved and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, you are joining us on our mission to break the cycle of child abuse.

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