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Angela’s Timeline

AngelaLife in an orphanage is the only life 11-year-old Angela remembers. [Note, this is not her real name and picture.] Born March 4, 2000, she was placed by her single parent in an orphanage in Pleven, Bulgaria, in October of 2001. In 10 years she has never been visited by any family members. In October 2010, Angela was moved to an orphanage for “older children” in the village of Totleben, where she adjusted quickly and smoothly.

Without getting melodramatic (“the clock is ticking”; “time is running out…”) there is no doubt that Angela’s future hangs on the hope of being adopted into a loving family in the United States, specifically Texas. A diligent student with a quick memory, her potential, if tapped, is enormous.

Angela is still a little girl in many ways. In orphanage-speak: “Her visual age matches her calendar age. Her overall physical development is normal for her age. She is energetic and has good fine and gross motor skills.” Described as calm, sensitive, and introverted, Angela tends to be shy initially. She has a well-developed imagination and appears to be a budding artist―she loves to draw, paint, sculpt, and make collages.

When considering adoption, there are some real advantages to adopting an older child like Angela. You have a lot more knowledge about their abilities, and get an extra peek inside their emotional make-up and personality.

If you are considering international adoption, we would be delighted to share Angela’s pictures and detailed information with you. Please contact Konnie Gregg by e-mail at [email protected] or call either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611.

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