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March 17th

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Spiritual Turning Point at Nelson Center

Nelson bible studyWe have a young lady, 15 years old, at Nelson Center who, from the moment she arrived, was quite upset that she had placed in a “Lutheran facility.” She made it very clear to staff – and to anyone who came to assist with spiritual care – that she wanted NO part in spiritual activities, even expressing her dislike of worship music with fingers in her ears, trying to drown out the music.

It’s not uncommon for us to have children in our care who are just like this young lady – who have either met people who professed Christianity and whose actions do not match their words, or who have not yet been able to reconcile their hard experiences with God. Despite their resistance, we continue to pray and encourage spiritual questions for them.

During the second week of Vacation Bible School, sponsored by Cross Timbers Community Church (Denton), the volunteers began the first day with a lesson about Gideon and how he was asked to face the Midianites with little supplies, an itty bitty “army,” and LOTS of faith and trust in God. God, of course, delivered him with His mighty hand. This young lady sat through the Bible lesson quietly, and at the end, went up to one of the pastors and asked where she could find that story in the Bible (keep in mind she wanted nothing to do with Bibles previously).

The next morning, when a staff member whom this young lady knew to be a believer arrived at work, the young lady approached and said, “Guess what I learned about yesterday?” “What did you learn about?” asked the staff member. “Gideon – do you know where that is in the Bible? Cause I do. The pastor showed me. If you get me a Bible I will show you.” This staff member (who had been, to no avail, trying to encourage this young lady into a relationship with God) immediately and enthusiastically ran to grab a Bible. From that point on, for the next three hours straight, the young lady began to read scripture by herself. She held on to that Bible like it was a security blanket all day.

From that day on, the young lady has been participating in Spiritual Care activities with enthusiasm. What a great joy! As the Lord reveals Himself to his children, we are honored and blessed to be a part. Praise the Lord, and thank you Cross Timbers Community Church!

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