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Upbring Salutes Kevin Kelly | Upbring


Kevin Kelly served in the U.S. Navy supply branch for four years before joining the Upbring family more than three years ago. Kevin is thankful for having a job where he knows he’s making a difference in children’s lives. 

Two months after the first Gulf War ended in 1991, Kevin completed his mission with the military. Like many veterans returning to the workforce, he had trouble finding a job. “It was hard to translate military experience into a job in civilian life,” he said.  

Kevin worked temporary labor positions and eventually partnered with a veteran temp agency. He was excited when the agency found Upbring and learned about Upbring’s mission to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families and communities.  

If you’ve met Kevin, you know that he’s outgoing, but that wasn’t always the case. “I was really shy before I went into the Navy but serving in the military has a way of forcing you out of your shell,” he said. Looking back on his time in the Navy, he is grateful for the friends he made and the strong work ethic and attention to detail he gained. 

When he’s not working hard to make sure that Upbring facilities are freshly painted and are in working order or that our programs have everything they need to function well, Kevin loves to golf, spend time with his wife and daughter and complete projects around his home. Kevin and his wife enjoy attending Upbring events such as the annual Healing Hearts Austin gala and Austin FIT Christmas party to celebrate the impactful work Kevin does each day at Upbring. 

By sharing stories like Kevin’s, we hope to recognize and honor his service and encourage prospective employees to join a team where they can work toward fulfilling a mission that is bigger than themselves.  


If you are a veteran, know of one looking for a job or would like to help us advance our mission to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families and communities, please visit to view a list of open positions.

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