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Sister Act: Care-Connect’s Patsy & Jody

“Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.”
–Author Unknown

Care Connect Sisters When Care-Connect home care provider Lorie comes to call, it’s a call to action for sisters Patsy  (82) and Jody (74). Widowed about four years ago, Patsy moved into the home of her younger sister Jody and Jody’s husband Col. Tom in Round Rock. In February 2011, the three of them became Care-Connect clients, and Lorie began caring for them all when Col. Tom was hospitalized and subsequently transferred to a long-term nursing and rehab facility.

Six days a week, Lorie (and on occasion Care-Connect aides Mary Ann and LeeAnn) ensures the house is cleaned, meals are prepared, plants are watered, and all is well. Each day Lorie drives the sisters to visit Col. Tom, then on to HEB to buy that day’s lunch, and return home. The weekend means it’s time to take the sisters to get their hair and nails done. [They are pictured here with Lorie, modeling their new perms.]

Lorie’s mission is to get Patsy and Jody to go outside during the day rather than just sit in the house and watch TV. So she planted spring flowers in the pots and flower beds around the house, as an enticement to enjoy the outdoors. Now Patsy goes out every day and waters. After months of staying in the house, the sisters have started reconnecting with their neighbors.

Lorie is also available to help when medical appointments and needs arise. When the sisters both had diagnostic tests done on the same day recently, Lorie spent the night with them and accompanied them for the duration. She also goes with Col. Tom to all of his medical appointments and provides much of his daily care when they all visit. He has a condition which causes his lower back to hurt constantly, and the facility staff often doesn’t have time to rub his back, so Lorie does it every day.

Lorie’s compassionate care for her clients is just one example of how Care-Connect’s home care service can make life easier, richer … and just a whole lot more fun for seniors!

For more information about Care-Connect at Home, call (512) 706-7577; TX Toll Free (866) 963-5777; or visit

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