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April 20th

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Dancing With Rachel and the Bokenkamp Stars

Bokenkamp girls dance Although it took some time to “break the ice,” after only two sessions volunteer Rachel Figgs had the girls of Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter* dancing and learning to “feel the beat!” Rachel has been leading dance classes at the facility, and the girls will perform a samba/reggaeton routine at this year’s Bokenkamp Talent Show coming up Friday August 26th.

Rachel, age 24, is a new volunteer to Bokenkamp, but she comes with plenty of passion and a desire to help the residents. She was recently accepted into the Peace Corpsto serve in a Central American country and she hopes that her experience at Bokenkamp will enhance her effectiveness in her new Peace Corps assignment.

In spite of a significant language barrier–with Rachel desperately trying to learn Spanish, and the girls of Bokenkamp using what little English they have picked up from school– “dance has an amazing way of opening up people to others,” Rachel notes. “It’s amazing to see how these girls who have no dance experience catch on so fast!” With little time left to practice, Rachel hopes to fine-tune the routine and make this act one of the best that Bokenkamp has ever seen.

“I am truly humbled; the girls take what little they are taught and run with it,” says Rachel. “It makes me really appreciate the opportunity to help and hopefully inspire them.”

*Note: Bokenkamp is an emergency shelter in Corpus Christi serving unaccompanied refugee minors, most from Central and South America.

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