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April 20th

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Happy Birthday Marko!

Marko Marko [not his real name and picture], a darling little boy with big brown eyes, turns seven on September 14th. Marko lives in an orphanage in the Bulgarian village of Strahilovo, the only “home” he can remember. His 14-year-old mother could not care for him, and he was placed in his first orphanage when less than a month old. Marko is available for adoption to a Texas family through Lutheran Social Services.

From all descriptions, Marko is a delight! His caretakers describe him as “happy and extroverted … with self-help skills that are above those of his peers. He is very neat, dresses and undresses independently, and makes it a point to be well groomed and well dressed.” Marko is an enthusiastic, focused student, and (potential parents will love this) “he makes his bed without help and often offers to help others. He helps set up the tables at meal time.”

Marko enjoys physical activity, especially running and jumping outdoors. He is missing the thumb and pointer finger on his left hand and a radial bone in his left forearm, but this doesn’t seem to slow him down. He is fitted with a splint on his left arm to match his growth, and is receiving physical therapy.

The icing on the birthday cake: Marko has a good clear voice and is a good singer.

We are looking for an adoptive family who will make this Marko’s best year ever. We would be happy to share Marko’s pictures and detailed information with you. Please contact Konnie Gregg by e-mail at [email protected] or call either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611.

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