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April 21st

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It’s New! It’s Amazing! It’s the Big Foster Training Reveal!

bigreveal You know the stereotypical scene in ads when a car manufacturer, or a computer developer, or George Foreman, has some new and exciting thing that will revolutionize the way you’ll do everything, and they make the big reveal by whipping a silky black cover off their new product? (“It’s the Amazing Thing X3000!”) Then, there’s a quick moment when everyone watching holds their breath with excitement to see what it could be. We wish we could do that right now, because we have a groundbreaking new product and are really excited to reveal it.

On September 1st, Foster In Texas (FIT), a program of Lutheran Social Services of the South Inc. (LSS) made their unique online training program available to all foster parents across Texas. Training is now open to all foster parents regardless of their child placing agency, as well as state child placement staff members and social workers in need of CEUs and training hours. Live training classes via interactive webinar are provided on a variety of subjects and are taught by subject matter experts in each field. The cost of each session is $6.00 per hour per person outside of the LSS FIT network. But the best part is that training will continue to remain free to all current LSS FIT foster parents.

After over a year of using this convenient and efficient webinar technology with our staff and foster families, we realized something very important: If we really are about fostering hope and serving children all over Texas, then why stop at training folks just within the LSS FIT network? Isn’t good information worth spreading? Wouldn’t it just be the right thing to do? Yes. So began our journey of bringing skilled people to work with us to develop a system that would deliver superior training right to home computers. It was a fun process building something from scratch, and now that it’s completed, we can’t wait to have you try it out for yourselves.

Interested? You can go online to to see a menu and calendar of upcoming classes and instructions for registering and paying. Training topics are divided into four categories: Children’s Health, General Parenting, Minimum Standards and Best Practices, and Trauma-Informed Care. After each session, participants are able to download and print a certificate of completion for their records. It’s just that easy.

Live, expert, convenient, affordable training in the comfort of your own home. The only thing missing is a drum roll and a silky black cover whipping away to show you how amazing it really is. But, we’re working on that.