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From Wiccan to a New Life: Jessica’s Story

NLsignweb Jessica, a 16-year-old with a drug problem and a history of psychiatric disorders, was raised as a Wiccan, or witch. Wicca, a pagan religion, typically venerates or worships the spirit of the “One,” both a god and a goddess, which exists in all things, and espouses beliefs in reincarnation and magic.

After arriving at New Life Children’s Center in Canyon Lake, Jessica began attending all the optional Bible studies and services in the chapel, and was surprised that “all the Christians” were so nice to her, even knowing that she was a practicing witch. She had learned about a Higher Power from attending Narcotics Anonymous, but did not embrace the teaching.

As Jessica received therapy at New Life, she learned that her destructive habits – a craving for drugs, and pulling out her eyebrows and hair– stemmed from trying to fill an emptiness inside.

Jessica continued to attend chapel services and came to believe that Jesus Christ could help her change her life for good. She began to willingly accept Him into her life, and told New Life’s spiritual care director Laurie Iten the following:

“I learned that Jesus will not force his ways on me, that He will be the one to help me change, that I can lean on Him. I thought deeply about what I have been doing most of my life and how silly it is to go around worshiping a tree or the earth goddess. I have decided to accept Jesus into my heart and life and let Him fill me up with good things and to let Him help me stop my destructive habits. I know that God is the One who can pick me up when I fall and help me through my life to be a better person. My Higher Power is Jesus Christ, and I have decided to be a Christian.”

The Holy Spirit, via our amazing staff and volunteers, had an impact on Jessica. For this we are grateful and give thanks.

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