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March 17th

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Wild About Krause & the Krause Kids

zoo entrance The first Healing Hearts benefit for Krause Children’s Center was an out-of-Africa experience called “Wild About Krause” held at the Houston Zoo on March 3rd. While guests were welcomed and entertained by hyperactive chimps, nosy giraffes, and conga drums, the night was really about the children who reside at Krause, the residential treatment center in Katy for abused and troubled children.

In his remarks to guests and supporters, LSS CEO Dr. Kurt Senske answered the question: “Just who are the Krause Kids?” Because most people are curious, or don’t understand, about how children find their way into residential treatment, these remarks are well worth repeating. This is how Dr. Senske summed it up: [below, or see the video]

“Krause is a long-term residential treatment center for both boys and girls, ages 11 to 17. They stay with us an average of 6 to 9 months, and are referred or placed at Krause by Child Protective Services and the Department of Juvenile Justice. Trust me when we say that we would love to go out of business. Sadly, this side of Heaven, I don’t think we ever will.

Currently, there are 29 boys and 28 girls; about 1/3 are Caucasian, 1/3 African-American, and 1/3 Hispanic. What each child has in common is that every one of the Krause kids has been abused – sexually and/or physically.

Only those who have been the most traumatized and severely abused are admitted to Krause. They come to Krause angry, depressed afraid, and alone. They come fighting, biting, and cursing. There is never a dull moment. A dull moment would be good!

So you can imagine how vigilantly the staff has to supervise and care for them – 24/7/365 – so they won’t hurt themselves or each other. The boys and girls have separate – very separate – dorms. The only time they intermingle is at school.

Along with therapeutic care, spiritual care, and a loving, caring staff, our intensive one-on-one educational system is a game changer and part of the healing process! As you can imagine, virtually all of our Krause Center kids are several grade levels behind educationally. Mandatory attendance at the on-site Trinity Charter School gives them a great opportunity to catch up – gaining lost credits, reaching the appropriate grade level, and establishing confidence, often for the first time, that they can become a success in school.

While at Krause, many of the kids discover talents they didn’t know they had: in music, art, cooking, and sports. They receive daily therapy and services to teach them social and independent living skills, and as they progress in the program are rewarded with outings to prepare them to return to mainstream living – for some it means going home, for some it means foster care, for some a forever adoptive home.

This is why we are here this evening. To give these children a chance that they deserve – an opportunity to give them a new life.”

A resident of Krause then spoke to the crowd about what Krause has meant in his life, and the evening continued with live and silent auctions, music, and even a conga line!

It was a beautiful night at the zoo—a “Wild About Krause” adventure that raised more than $106,000 for the Center and gave participants a deeper understanding of how young hearts can be healed at a special place like Krause.

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