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Birthdays at Bokenkamp

bokenkamp birthday cakes [Joanna Villareal Rocha is the Director of Volunteers at Bokenkamp in Corpus Christi].

Each and every one of us has a special day when we are entitled to compliments, gifts, and praise—that day is our birth date; mostly unique just to us (or so we tend to think). Many celebrate their birthday week, others birthday weekend, and some even take it to the extreme and celebrate the whole month! Your birthday is a pretty big deal to you! It seemed only natural that we should recognize and acknowledge the residents of Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter who are in our care during their special day. So beginning January 2012, we officially started celebrating birthdays around here!

On the second Friday of each month, four wonderful volunteers from Sacred Heart Home Health leave their work early on Friday and come set up, decorate, and get ready for a birthday celebration! Ms. Rita, who owns the company, was thrilled to start this project and wanted to get her staff involved. Since January, she and her crew have come to make sure that this day is special for all the residents who share a birthday in the same month. They decorate and bring balloons, chips, and drinks for everyone, and even do the honors of cutting the cake.bokenkamp birthday bokenkamp birthday volunteers Every month, 3-5 residents turn a new age, and for them, Ms. Rita brings a special gift, customized to match their favorite color! She also includes candy and a card. Every birthday party is also followed by a dance—which is also lots of fun.Ms. Rita

Our volunteers have been amazing, and they truly enjoy being a part of each birthday celebration. In my role as Director or Volunteer Services, I purchase the cake and take lots of pictures during the celebration. I pass the photos on to case managers and clinicians, so that they can share them with the family if they choose to.

Birthdays are a blessing. They are a gift from God and it was time to start making them special for each resident who has a birthday to celebrate while in our care. Feliz cumpleaños!

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