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LSS Adoption Story Close to Home

mak and bluebonnetsAs a pioneer in international adoption and open adoption, “Lutheran Social Services” is synonymous with adoption to much of the general public. This is not surprising since our agency has found adoptive homes for well over 7,400 children over the years.

The following story is written by Dana Heine, who has been the LSS paralegal and executive assistant to CEO Dr. Kurt Senske since 2010. [Note: her adoption of MaKenna took place in August, 2006.]

Like most couples going through infertility, we went through years of agonizing fertility treatments. After many failed attempts we decided that God had other plans for us. We heard about Lutheran Social Services of the South (LSS) through family and doctors. We called and spoke to a social worker. She answered all of our questions and we actually felt as though she truly had our, as well as the birthparent’s, best interests at heart.

After six months we were presented with an opportunity to adopt but unfortunately, the adoption fell through. The social worker reassured us not to worry, that the right situation would come along. She was right. I remember the day we received the call from Andrea our social worker. It was a little girl and she weighed 8 lbs 1 oz. We named her MaKenna.

We were amazed how smooth the adoption went. Our experience with LSS was as stress-free as it could possibly be, which allowed us to enjoy the miracle of adoption.

We will always remember what MaKenna’s birthparents did for us. We cannot imagine how overwhelming it must have been for them to choose adoption. We realize that the decision that they made took so much courage. They entrusted us with the most precious gift…a child. We truly admire them and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our lifelong dreams of becoming a mom and a dad.

Thank you LSS, for the joy you helped bring into our lives. MaKenna is so full of life and remains the light of our world. Some say that MaKenna is lucky to have us as her parents, but the truth is we are the lucky ones.


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