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Tatiana: Bulgarian Birthday Girl

tatiana This Friday, January 13th, is Tatiana’s 11th birthday. Nothing would make this birthday more memorable than to have a loving couple choose to become her parents. Forever. Her current life the Center for Family Placement in the town of Borovan, Bulgaria, meets her physical day-to-day needs but her emotional and educational needs could best be met by having a real family love and adopt her.

Tatiana is described as “social, engaging, and adjusts well to new environments. She is flexible and adaptable.” A very responsible young lady, she is a big help to the caregivers and staff at the Center. When given a task, she is diligent and persistent in completing it. Her “sunny” disposition endears her to both peers and adults, and she is praised for the kindness and empathy she shows toward adults and the other children.

Are you someone (or do you know someone) who can make this Tatiana’s best year ever? We would be happy to share additional information with you. Note: Tatiana is not her real name, but this is her real picture. Please contact Konnie Gregg by email at [email protected]or call either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611.

In addition to Tatiana, there are many other non-special needs children, pre-school to teens, currently residing in Bulgarian orphanages – ready and waiting to be adopted. We’d like to introduce you to these very precious children!

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