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April 20th

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A Tribute to Foster Moms on Mother’s Day



Kids with no first chance

Get a second one―because

Foster moms are there

YOU, foster moms, are a mother’s day gift from the heart! Twenty-four hours a day, you’re a source of comfort, stability, and love to children who have never known or experienced the meaning of the words. YOU are the most important part of the child’s treatment team. We are all part of this effort because we know and see for ourselves how well children can do when they have caring and reliable foster parents to help them through hard times.

A favorite column by Erma Bombeck tells of God in the act of creating mothers. On the day God created mothers He had already worked long overtime, and an angel said to Him, “Lord, you sure are spending a lot of time on this one.” God replied, “Have you read the specs on this model?” then rattles off a list of impossible requirements, including 180 moving parts and six pairs of hands, all able to run on black coffee and leftovers.

A foster mom’s specs demand even more than “standard” mother models. You must have a heart big enough to encompass other mothers’ children, and the fortitude to work through the challenges and issues that accompany their shattered pasts.

You know, if it was easy, anyone could do it. Remember, you’re not just anyone – you’re a FOSTER MOM.

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