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March 17th

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Oh What a Night – at the Krause Prom

krause prom groupall The annual Krause Children’s Center prom just keeps outdoing itself year after year, and Prom 2012 kicked it up yet another notch! More than 80 volunteers collaborated to make it a magical night for the Krause kids, and turned the Krause gym into a “Masquerade Ball,” New Orleans Mardi Gras-style.

Decorators worked diligently for two days, and when the Krause kids arrived, the gym had been transformed into a sparkly ballroom filled with balloons, silk chair covers, and table cloths.

A special reward for those kids whose behavior earned them a “high level” was a LIMO ride to a New Orleans restaurant called Babin’s Seafood House in Katy, all donated by generous supporters.  All of the Krause staff stood outside, sending the festive group off as the limo driver opened the door to welcome each of the kids.

Not only did volunteers decorate the gym and donate the food and the tuxedos, but we had a seamstress, make-up artist, and hair stylist on board who all converged on the Krause Center to change the lives of the Krause kids for just one special night!

Once the party started, the Krause kids danced, they laughed, they danced some more … and prom night 2012 created some amazing memories they’ll never forget.

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