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All In the Rose Family: A Story of Foster Care Adoption

Rose adoption groupIn 2009, foster parents James and Marlene Rose joined Foster In Texas (FIT) through our Mesquite office. At that time they had four children in their home, placed through another agency.  Before long, the kids were reunified with their family.  We didn’t know the Rose family very well at the time, but they were adamant that they leave four beds open in the event the siblings were to return into care.  In the course of that year, they only fostered a few kids, so they could be available and there would always be space if these four children came back.

The Roses were so attached to these four children, they worried and thought about them constantly – Were they being taken care of adequately? Were they safe? Around Thanksgiving of 2009, Juan, Thomas, Chris, and Jasmin came back into care, and CPS called and requested the Rose home – filling the empty beds as planned. Then in August 2010, in an event the Roses call “a miracle,” the children’s mother had another baby and baby sister Lea was also placed with the Rose family.

Along the way, the Roses accepted PMC (Permanent Managing Conservatorship or legal guardianship) for the children, and on July 17,2012, they will all officially become Roses, and the name change will be final!

James Rose expresses gratitude for the support and encouragement of LSS-FIT in their journey to the adoption of the children. “We have been so blessed with these kiddos and know that we would never have made it without LSS-FIT being there and helping us help them. Now they really are our children and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Thanks for all everyone has done to make us all one family!!”

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