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Bubbles of Fun at BUBBLEPALOOZA!


On Saturday, August 11th, the Austin Foster In Texas (FIT) families attended a wildly fun event at the Long Center for the Performing Arts. The hardworking, creative staff at the Long Center brings the arts and culture closer to everyone who lives in the Austin area. It’s a very neat thing they do over there.


BUBBLEPALOOZA! (such a very catchy name) had some people asking, “What exactly is a bubblepalooza?” Well let me tell you.


BUBBLEPALOOZA! is a family-friendly party where children and adults can come and remember how awesome it is to play with bubbles! The Long Center had tables and tables set up with materials to make your own bubble wands, and other bubble-making devices like this one. There were bubbles everywhere! There was even a booth where you could buy bubble solution that smelled like ice cream. Yum! Sniff, don’t eat. (I may have learned that the hard way…)


Even the Bubble Princess was there taking pictures in her Bubble Grotto. Whoa, bubble royalty!


Stephanie and Summer came with their sweet, little foster baby! Say CHEESE!


Stephanie insisted that she take a picture with me in the frame too. Even though Summer and I are smiling, on the inside we’re both thinking, “I wonder if it’s actually possible to melt from the heat?” But these are foster parents! – They are made of un-meltable stuff. Like Superman.

Do you see the band behind us? These guys were really good. In fact, all the bands were good. I learned this kind of music is called “kindie rock.” I thought that was pretty clever.


And speaking of clever, check out these kids drawing an amazing depiction of a dinosaur on the sidewalk! I’m just kidding … a local artist actually created this masterpiece, and she didn’t mind one bit that the kids wanted to help.


A lot of our staff came too. This is Allie. She takes very good care of our families. At first, she didn’t want me to take her picture. But don’t you agree she looks great with the Austin skyline behind her? A perfect backdrop.


Angelamarie and Ron Lagneaux came with their three beautiful children. That’s Jonathan, who was recently officially adopted by his foster parents Angelamarie and Ron.


With bubbles still drifting skyward from the Long Center City Terrace, our FIT families were among the more than 3,000 Austinites heading home after a morning packed with music, chalk art, kiddie yoga, water fun, and BUBBLES!

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