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June 16th

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New Life Summer Olympics 2012 - Upbring

New Life Olympics flags It might not have had the pomp of London’s opening and closing ceremonies, a performance by the Spice Girls, or Her Majesty the Queen helicoptering in with James Bond, but the 2012 Olympics held at New Life Children’s Center in Canyon Lake gave participants every reason to feel like winners.

The New Life girls competed in some traditional and not-so-traditional Olympic events. Along with volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, flag football, track relays, and kickball tournaments, they also earned medals for ‘Best Sportsmanship’ and ‘Most Anti-Drama.’

At the closing ceremonies, first through fifth-place medals, ribbons, and certificates were awarded in each event.  The Summer Olympics at New Life were highlighted by many “personal bests” and the proud girls who make up our own royal family.

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