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Important News for Potential Adoptive Families: Children in Bulgaria are Awaiting Homes

Bulgarian orphan Christmas is such a special time of year for Christians, as all eyes and hearts focus on a small baby born in a manger in Bethlehem, who brought great hope and promise to humanity. The Christmas story reminds me of all the children around the world who provide hope and promise for this earth. Today, my thoughts are on the 7,000 children in Bulgarian orphanages, who have little hope of being adopted in their home country. More than a third of these children are under the age of three years; the remaining two-thirds are between the ages of three and 18. Over 1,000 children have disabilities, ranging from minor to severe.

LSS has made it a priority to bring hope to these children. There is no better environment in which children can grow and develop to their full potential than in a family. Some children are very resilient; however, one thing that we know for sure is that a sense of belonging is critical to the well-being of every child. Without it, children struggle every day to meet normal developmental milestones. A lack of nurturance affects physical growth, intellect, and emotional development. We know from experience that when children move from orphanage life, even from the highest quality orphanage, to a family that cares about them, their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual abilities improve significantly, regardless of the age of the child. This is what has motivated me to look for families for children for the last 35 years. It may be the spark that motivates you to adopt, or to tell a friend who will adopt, or to tell a friend who will tell a friend who will adopt.

LSS is now actively recruiting families with adoption on their hearts and minds, who may be interested in adopting a child from Bulgaria. The children are quite well cared for, the family requirements are fairly broad, and the process is straightforward and easy as compared to adopting from other countries.

For more details, e-mail Konnie Gregg, [email protected]; or Donna Morrison, [email protected]; or call 1-800-396-4611. Please help us to get the word out. It may be the greatest gift you give this Christmas season.

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