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Stress Relief & Peace of Mind: How a Geriatric Care Manager Can Help

What is Geriatric Care Management?

Sr peace webAs you’ve no doubt heard (and the media keeps reminding us), our population is living much longer, has a strong desire to remain in the privacy and comfort of their own homes, and has the financial resources to do so. A Geriatric Care Management Program can help you learn about, locate, connect, and manage the sources needed for you or your loved ones to live at home independently, safely, and comfortably … for as long as possible.

By using the services of a Professional Geriatric Care Manager, seniors and/or their caregivers are freed from the stress that often comes with researching available companies, weeding out the good and the bad seeds, and then managing the ongoing care. This care manager connects you to the care needed, manages those care providers, and assists with any crisis situations that are bound to happen as we age.

Who needs a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)?

· Families in traumatic transition, who do not have the luxury of time and must make immediate decisions.

· Family members who need the assurance that a professional is managing the care of their loved one. GCMs are advisors and guides through the maze of long-term care services and providers.

· Family members who wish to save time and money while the GCM connects and manages the needed services for their loved one.

· Out-of-town family members who need someone locally to manage care and crisis situations for their loved ones.

· Seniors who can remain independent with some additional support to stay in their homes.

A relationship with a GCM allows the children of the elderly person to remain in their roles as “children,” while someone else manages the situation. When a son or daughter is providing the hands-on care to the parent, the quality time they have to be there emotionally with their parent is limited. The GCM will handle the difficult issues and address the problems, freeing up the time spent with family to be just that…family time!

Care-Connect is a Geriatric Care Management Program connecting seniors and their caregivers to appropriate and professional service providers. We arrange, coordinate and monitor the care of you or a loved one, based on a comprehensive assessment of medical and personal needs.

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