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Middle School Cafeteria Flashbacks & the Senior Dining Experience

Here comes the new kid with his lunch tray. Hemystery meat again...’s holding his breath and his knees are knocking. His eyes dart from table to table, met only by unwelcoming stares. The only thing worse than the anxiety of finding new friends – heck, he’d settle for one friendly face! – is the glop passing for food on his plastic tray.

We’re not talking about lunchtime horrors at the middle school here … but unfortunately are referring to the very real fears and anxieties many of today’s seniors express when moving into a new retirement community and facing the dreaded group dining experience.

At Wedgewood South Assisted Living in Lubbock, the cavernous cafeteria and steam table buffet line are nowhere in sight. Instead, small private dining rooms, tasty nutritious meals, and attentive service make Wedgewood stand apart and above other senior living communities in the area.

The LSS marketing team worked with John Berkely, senior vice president for senior services, and Kim Edler, Wedgewood’s community manager, on a 60-second TV spot to promote Wedgewood as the best choice for an assisted living facility in the Lubbock vicinity. The main message and focus of the spot was on the tranquil, anxiety-free dining experience along with Wedgewood’s gracious, convenient lifestyle.

Local Lubbock station KCBD did a great job of shooting and editing the footage, adding voice-over and music, and making the most of a nonprofit’s non-existent budget.

Here’s a look at the finished product, which brought in record traffic after the first weekend it aired.

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