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Nelson Center Receives Letter of Praise From Adoptive Mother

smiling girlMost of the children residents at the Nelson Children’s Center in Denton, TX come from the state foster care system. This makes it difficult for caring family members to note and track any progress made as a result of being a Nelson Center resident. On occasion, residents are placed with the help of loving, caring family members who are able to see the difference.

Here is a moving letter we recently received, reprinted with permission from the adoptive parent of a child who was placed at the Nelson Center. Rachel is not her real name which was changed by request.

July 15, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

My daughter, Rachel, was a resident at The Nelson Children’s Center in Denton, Texas during the fall and early spring of 2009-2010. During the months prior to her admission to The Nelson Center, Rachel had been hospitalized multiple times for severe mood disorder and aggression. As an adopted child, Rachel received assistance through Post-Adoption Services with funding and placement at Nelson.

The superb level of professional, caring treatment Rachel  received at Nelson was nothing short of miraculous. Nelson provided expert medical care that greatly improved Rachel’s physical and mental health. Group, individual, and family therapy sessions were scheduled regularly for Rachel and were extremely productive to the process of not only helping Rachel, but our family as well. The charter school located at Nelson is staffed by skilled, certified teachers who clearly care about each of their students. Rachel was able to salvage her ninth grade of high school as a result. The Nelson Center also took residents on many field trips that included Mavericks games, zoo visits, shopping trips, movies, and many more great activities. Opportunities for individual enrichment and growth were constantly offered. Volunteers often came to Nelson to teach special classes such as dance, or cheerleading that Rachel enjoyed greatly. Spiritual needs are also given priority at Nelson and Rachel loved attending the optional non-denominational church services there.

I was always impressed as a parent by the friendly, warm attitude of all the staff at every level. Rachel’s case workers, therapists, and coordinators were always available and prepared to answer questions. I was kept informed of any development regarding Rachel.

In a few short months, my daughter became a healthy, happy teen prepared to leave Nelson and move to a much less restrictive environment. She was accepted to Methodist Children’s Home in Waco, Texas where she continues to make progress toward coming home again. I’ve included a couple of photos of Rachel with this letter of recommendation to show how truly amazingly her progress was at Nelson. We are so grateful for our time at Nelson and I highly recommend The Nelson Center to anyone with a child suffering severe behavioral problems.


Rachel’s Adoptive Mother

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