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Two Sides to an Adoption Story

The Cook Family Following is a personal story of a recent adoption, as told through the eyes and hearts of the mom and dad (Scott and Carol Cook) and their 11-year old son, Ke’onte. The LSS adoption recruiter for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids™(WWK) in the Metroplex, LaMeaka Tapley, coordinated the adoption match.

Ke’onte tells his side:

At first you start out in a foster home like me. Then, you feel like you won’t get picked. I’ve been through all this stuff, and I’ll tell you about it….

My mom did something she wasn’t supposed to do. Then, there were police, which made me really scared. Next thing I knew, I was at an adoption headquarters place. I remember feeling just blank. Then, some driver picked me up and took me to my first foster home, which I liked okay. The next foster home was very fun, and I thought I felt happy. The foster home after that, I really didn’t like because I didn’t feel like I belonged. But soon, Carol and Scott invited me over to their house to spend a weekend with them. I was eager to know them. I really liked them because they were very nice. The next thing I know, “I’M ADOPTED!!!” During the next six months, I felt a lot of anxiety because I didn’t know if they would really like me and want to keep me. I found out later that they felt the same way about me, wondering if I was going to really like them! And by the way, I DID! Now, I’m in a loving home forEVER and EVER and protected. I have parents, two dogs, and two cats, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents (five of those!) and a best friend named Kyle. Now, I feel happy because I feel like I belong again to a family. Adoption is…awesome!

Ke’onte Markeith Jones Cook

And now the Cooks tell theirs:

We were looking for a little girl, but we prayed for the child God wanted for us to care for only. When our caseworker sent us a video clip of Ke’onte, which she received from WWK recruiter LaMeaka Tapley, she asked us to “just watch it and pray about him,” we knew there was something special about him and his story. We knew Ke’onte needed a home with a family who would not give up on him; but we also knew WE needed to be needed by someone. He tried his hardest to make us turn him away, to return him during his first three months, including trying to break down our front door (without actual success), break-dancing on his principal’s desk, and repeatedly asking us why we wanted him. But we wouldn’t give up.

Six months later, he is a completely different child. He is learning to trust more and more every day, and his anxieties and uncertainties have melted away almost completely. Now that the adoption is final and he had the support of his extended family there in the courtroom while the three of us were sworn in, Ke’onte has realized he finally belongs to a family who will love, respect, laugh, and support him forever.

To help commemorate our adoption, the three of us went that same day and adopted a kitten, named Boo, together from the Farmers Branch Animal Shelter. Ke’onte continuously amazes us by showing more and more compassion for others and animals. Currently, Ke’onte is planning to go to college to work with animals, hoping even to work with orca whales. He also won two first-place medals at a tae kwon do tournament in March, and received Exemplary on his reading and science portions of his TEKS test.

Proud parents,

Scott & Carol Cook

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