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Bulgaria is a GO! Now seeking families for Ellen, Seth, and Ivan

When Sonya Thompson, senior vice president of Foster Care and Adoption for LSS, returned from Bulgaria after exploring the facilitation of adoptions with that country, she shared vital information regarding the successful trip with the LSS Senior Leadership Team and the Board of Directors. They, in turn, endorsed moving ahead with the placement of Bulgarian children in adoptive homes. The Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria made a commitment to work with LSS to find forever families for all appropriate children waiting for international adoption in the future; however, at the current time, the focus is on children with special needs.

With several children now referred to us, we are actively looking for families willing to consider adopting one of these precious kids. If you’re interested, or might know someone who is, please e-mail [email protected], or [email protected], for more information about LSS’s Bulgarian adoption program. You may also call 800-396-4611 and ask to speak to the International adoption department.

More about these waiting children.

Ellen is a cute, six-year-old child with cerebral palsy – mixed type. She is able to walk and climb stairs although she lacks good coordination. Ellen is able to throw and catch a ball using both hands simultaneously. She can build a tower with blocks. She can copy a circle and attempts to print letters with the assistance of an adult. Ellen converses with others but is difficult to understand. She takes turns in conversation, speaks in simple sentences, and asks and answers questions. Ellen is a social child. She participates in both individual and group activities, establishes friendships easily, and is well accepted by the other children in the orphanage. She respects adults and has appropriate boundaries. Ellen has a good memory. She is able to summarize experiences. She can recognize and name familiar objects, distinguish similarities and differences between objects, classify objects by size, and identify body parts. Ellen can eat independently with some spills, dress and undress herself, wash her hands without help, cover her mouth when coughing, use a tissue to wipe her nose, and let an adult know when she needs to use the bathroom. Ellen is a pleasant child who has the potential to bring great joy to a loving family.

Seth is a six-year-old boy. Even though he has a slight facial dysmorphy, he is a cute little boy. He has had a rough road medically but is progressing well in spite of it. Seth has had multiple surgeries to repair birth anomalies including two surgeries for cleft palate repair. As a result, Seth has been slow to develop. Seth runs, climbs, kicks a ball, and carries small objects. He rides a tricycle. He has excellent fine motor skills with precise eye-hand coordination, and enjoys learning new skills. He is able to build towers and trains out of blocks. He can insert and remove small objects from a bottle, screws and unscrews the cap on a bottle, strings beads, and places all nine objects in a Segen Board. He plays a child piano and a xylophone. Seth is able to classify objects by color but cannot always name the colors. He is able to handle a pencil. He enjoys cartoons, and listening to children’s songs and stories. Seth appears to have good receptive language; however, his speech is significantly impaired. He is receiving small group instruction to improve his language skills. Seth can feed himself independently and dress and undress himself with minimal assistance. He is toilet trained but does have some accidents. Seth adjusts well to new environments. He has a calm nature. He seeks involvement with other children and they enjoy playing with him. Seth also enjoys quiet individual play. He is very curious and eager to learn. He expresses his emotions appropriately and is effective in interacting with adults to get his needs met. Seth needs a family who can help him continue the great progress that he is making.

Ivan is a handsome, seven-year-old boy. He showed signs of intraventricular hemorrhage, level I, at birth. He was placed in the Home for Children with Medical and Social Needs when he was a year and a half. He has a history of seizures, which are controlled by anti-seizure medication. Even though Ivan has significant developmental delays, he is able to walk, climb on playground equipment, and manage stairs with assistance. He enjoys music and attempts to participate in games involving movement. He has poor eye-hand coordination, but is able to work with clay and pull objects out of a box. He is working on learning how to stack blocks. He cannot yet use crayons or paints well. Ivan is receiving speech therapy due to significant delays in speech development. His receptive vocabulary is better than his expressive vocabulary. He has difficulty articulating consonant sounds. He initiates verbal contact; however, his speech is unclear. Although Ivan also has some cognitive impairment, his orientation to space is good. He can feed himself with some spills and can dress and undress himself with assistance. He is not yet toilet trained. Ivan is a very loving child. He is able to initiate relationships with both adults and his peers. Ivan is in a new orphanage where he is receiving special services intended to help him advance developmentally. This is a little boy who needs lots of individual attention to grow and develop to his fullest potential.

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