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All About DAVID: Seeking Adoptive Family for Six-Year-Old from Bulgaria

David If you’ve been a reader of the “Bulgarian Adventures” on this website, you know that LSS is currently looking for families interested in adopting children from Bulgaria with special needs. David, an appealing little six-year-old boy from Bulgaria, needs a forever home, and most importantly, a family who will love him. [Note: To protect the privacy of this child, we are using an American name and a stock photo.]

David is a cute, shy, little boy of Bulgarian descent who recently turned six. He has no health problems; however, he is developmentally delayed and lacks some basic fine motor skills. Many of these delays may be due to orphanage living. The referral information reports that David has good self-help skills. He feeds himself holding a spoon, drinks from a cup, and uses a napkin at mealtime.

When involved in cognitive activities, David has a short attention span. He recognizes objects in his immediate environment. He differentiates between a circle and a square. He uses objects “in accordance with their intended function.” David can identify colors but has difficulty knowing left from right. David is able to describe the characteristics of animals and plants with adult assistance. He observes and reports on weather conditions. He can paint, draw, and construct simple objects. He enjoys books.

David is able to communicate and collaborate with adults and peers. He sings age-appropriate songs and can create dance and exercise movements based on previously remembered instructions. David’s greatest deficit is in language. He has good receptive language skills but has difficulty with language expression. David enjoys playing by himself; however, he is beginning to overcome his shyness.

David needs a family to give him the individual attention and LOVE he needs to reach his full potential. For more information, please contact Konnie Gregg by e-mail at [email protected] or call her at either 512-454-4611 or 800-396-4611. “Operators are standing by!”

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