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Do You Lead A Life of Significance? New book "The Calling" brings that question close to home

CallingFrontCover Is your job worthwhile and stimulating or just a way to pay the bills? Is your family life in a shambles, or is it a source of satisfaction? Are you living the life you were meant to live? Is that all there is?

A new book, The Calling: Live a Life of Significance (Concordia Publishing House) serves as a gut-check while it offers a fresh perspective on living a fuller, happier life. The Calling was written by Dr. Kurt Senske, chief executive officer of Lutheran Social Services of the South and the chair of the board of directors of Thrivent Financial. The Calling presents a “Christ-help” solution that discourages the modern notion of looking for your “authentic self,” encouraging instead the selfless act of focusing outwardly on service to others.

This is a God-help, not a self-help, book. “Many self-help books try to help us get what we want, assuming that attaining our goals is equivalent to having a life of significance,” says Dr. Senske. Dr. Kurt Senske “Even if we do achieve some level of success, we still come no closer to knowing whether we are living the life that God has created uniquely for us.”

The Calling provides an eight-step roadmap to help readers discover the lives they are called to lead, integrating biblical wisdom with secular strategies. A series of self-evaluation exercises lead to a redefinition of the concept of “success”:

1. Identify and avoid common mistakes

2. Establish eight strategies for living a life of significance

3. Set and attain goals

4. Diminish your ego to enhance your ability to serve

5. Lead a life of simplicity

6. Care for yourself so that you are able to care for others

While Dr. Senske emphasizes that “This journey to finding our calling is not for the faint of heart,” resetting your personal compass to point in a direction that best serves your family, friends, profession, community, and church, is certainly a very good beginning.

Two short videos about The Calling, including an interview with Reverend Matthew Harrison, president of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, reveals additional information about the book’s content and purpose.

The Calling: Live a Life of Significance can be purchased online:, Barnes&, and through Concordia Publishing House. All proceeds go to benefit the ministries of Lutheran Social Services.

Dr. Senske will be signing copies at Mardel Christian Book Stores:

November 20 (noon) Cedar Park, TX Highway 183A & 1431

December 18 (noon) Arlington, TX, I-20 & Cooper

February 12 (noon) Lubbock, TX, Loop 289 & Quaker

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