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Marley Joins the Pack – Meet the New Therapy Dog at Nelson Children’s Center

Marleykiss Marley & Nelson? Sounds like a best seller to me! The newest tail-thumping ambassador to spread warm and fuzzy good will at the Nelson Children’s Center in Denton is a three-year-old female German Shepherd. At three, Marley is still just a kid and loves playing at the dog park and running around with other dogs. When she’s “working” as a therapy dog at Nelson, she’s much more reserved with  her best manners on display.

Marley’s owner is Scott Devine from nearby Argyle. In one of those “small world” coincidences, Scott’s wife is Nelson volunteer director Rebekah Poling’s daughter’s math teacher (whew!) – a connection they discovered after Scott contacted Rebekah about putting Marley to work as a therapy dog at Nelson.

Marley&kids Predictably, the Nelson kids are crazy about Marley, and Marley is thriving on her new job and all the love that’s coming her way. To reacquaint yourself with the rest of the canine crew at Nelson, see previous post: Who Let the Dogs In? Four-legged Therapy at Nelson Children’s Center.

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